Nursing Home


Mission Statement:
The Nursing Home Ministry is committed to helping others see Jesus and know of His glorious hope by being Ambassadors for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by witnessing His Love and Saving Grace.

A Message From Our Pastor:
As I pen this letter I am lead to share with you a few statistics.  Nearly two million Americans are in nursing homes this very minute living, breathing, dying and they are there 52 weeks each year.  They are our friends, neighbors and family.  Some sang in choirs, taught Sunday school, served as missionaries and pastors.  Some are in need of the wonderful message of hope that is in Christ Jesus.  Without this they are without hope.
Those who are Christians need the fellowship and comfort of the scriptures now more than ever.  They are facing the ultimate test of their faith.  Many may wonder, “Does Anyone Care?”.  Jesus cares and His Church must care too.  If you have a concern and a desire to be a Christian ambassador in this field you can help!